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Buying advice for awning

For solar protection of unsheltered terraces, awnings are the least invasive protection. After having determined its dimensions, its height of implantation and its inclination, it remains only to define which model is the most adapted.

Types of awnings

Types of awnings

There are three big awning families. The simplest is the monobloc blind, without trunk, which leaves the fabric and structure in the grip of bad weather. To ensure the protection of the components in the closed position (and therefore their longevity), it is better to opt for the models "half-safe" called cassette or "integral safe". The first protects via a half box the canvas from above. The second, once the blind folded the load bar marries the fairing. Thus the canvas, the arms and the mechanism are totally protected.

Choose a awning fabric

The protection of users is directly related to the characteristics of the canvas. Among the proposed materials, there is polyester and acrylic. Economical, polyester fabrics remain sensitive to UV which, in time, alter their resistance. Acrylic fabrics are the ones that best meet the requirements of the outdoors. Thermally insulating, they significantly reduce radiation. Like the umbrellas, they are classified according to a protection index (UPF12 +, UPF30 + or UPF50 +) which gives the percentage of filtered UV (respectively 90%, 95% and 100%). Note that the hue plays a major role. The lighter the canvas is, the higher the brightness and heat. Conversely, a dark shade offers more thermal comfort, but less light.


Whether installed on a facade, under a roof or balcony, a awning weighs heavily and solicits attachment points. It must be firmly anchored with chemical anchors in a healthy and solid support.

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