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In search of a powerful thermo-acoustic insulation solution - with limited space savings - I would like to know the differences between:
- ROCKWOOL LABELROCK rockwool BA 10 + lining in 2.50 x 1.20m, thick.10 + 40;
- ULTRA PLACOPHONE ULTRA 32, same dimensions and thickness;
- Doubling on Placostil 48/35 rails, with thick glass wool.45mm + two crossed layers of BA 13 PLACOPHONIQUE.
What do you think is the most relevant formula?

To answer you in a very relevant way, I would need to know the destination of your insulation; roof, walls, partition? If it is attic insulation and space saving is essential for you, the solution of the blown wool and doubling the ceiling acoustic tiles (at Placo for example) would be a good solution. For walls, a track-type insulation covered with Placophonic plates should be suitable.

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