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We are building a house, and would like to put a whirlpool bath in a bathroom and a whirlpool shower in the other. I read on various forums that there were problems with mold, maintenance, oxidation at the nozzle and that some baths were very noisy when the system is running. We saw bathtubs at around € 700 and cabins from € 500. What do you think?

Some models offer integrated maintenance solutions that address this problem. These models allow you in a simple gesture to disinfect all the pipes of your whirlpool. As for noise, the air propulsion system is quite noisy and some baths whose feet are not well insulated phonically transmit vibrations through the ground. On the other hand hydro jets are much more discreet. You can make a formwork with sound insulation to enclose the motors and reduce noise, leaving of course an access hatch for maintenance.

Your choice should be on a model with the NF label (CE is not enough!). Two standards are concerned: NF 60335-1 / 2-60. For a price and an equivalent product your preference should be on the one that offers proximity to the distributor and after sales service always useful in case of breakdown! The prices you mention correspond to low-end models...

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