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Choose a tiller

All these machines are a great help, but considering their cost of purchase, it must be very useful.
The occasional gardener will always be able to rent one if it ever turns out he needs it. He will be in possession of a recent model and necessarily in good working order. Non-contractual photo, does not necessarily reflect the drawing


These are the most simple, we also sometimes talk about motobeches. They usually include a direct transmission between the motor and the rotary tool. This is composed of rotating knives, arranged in rows (2, 4 or exceptionally 6) on a shaft generally driven by a belt.
Most receive a disc placed at each end of the tree. A crazy wheel placed in the axis, at the front, allows their displacement, and a spur of adjustment located at the back makes it possible to adjust
the depth of work. Most of the time, the front wheel is removed in order to obtain a more homogeneous work in the heavy grounds or deeper in very light soils. Some high-end tillers can receive wheels that fit at the end of the tree, generally with reducers in their hub; they then allow the use of small shares or bumpers.

Motor tiller and tiller

Motor tiller and tiller


Unlike the tractor, the tiller has only two wheels. These are generally driven through a multi-speed transmission, with one or more rear steps for the most advanced equipment. These also include a PTO for the training of accessories, such as mowing bars, milling cutters, seed drills, or even under deck blades transforming them into lawn mowers. An attachment device allows to hitch a small trailer.
In the latter case, some equipment may be equipped with a seat for the driver. If the tillers (or motobêches) do not allow to work the soil more than 30 cm deep, the tillers give the possibility to perform (depending on their power) plowing up to 50 cm deep, as well as various cultivation works, including spraying for high-end equipment (with sprayer connected to the power take-off). Some models also offer the possibility of mounting, at the front, a tipper equipped with swivel castors.

motor blocks

Equipped with four wheels, sometimes motor on the most expensive, often developing more than 20 hp, the microtractors allow a work of professional type, which is limited only by the surface to work. Their use and price are rarely justified for an amateur.

AgeA substantially horizontal fastening element for a tillage or ridging tool at the rear of the tractor or tiller.
Brabant Kind of plow mounted on a support allowing the pivoting of the plow so as to work the earth by turning it (pivoting around age) alternately on the right and on the left, for a regular plowing back and forth juxtaposed.
butteurTool with a cheek-board for buttering crops.
doggingAssembly of two parts by projections or teeth of one in corresponding housing of the other, to secure them in rotation.
DécavaillonneuseTool used to work the space between vines or trees planted on a row. It has a body-shaped soc, pivoting on the lower part of the age with the help of a lever for maneuver, to release it near each foot.
HoeAlso known as a cultivator, this tool consists of curved spring-loaded teeth mounted in a triangular arrangement under two horizontal V-shaped beams. Used to crumble the clumps after deep plowing, or to root or rhizomes.

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