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Installing a domestic alarm is not random. To properly choose a home alarm, consider certain criteria so you do not go wrong. You will need to determine whether you want to use a wired alarm or a non-wired alarm instead.

The criteria for choosing your home alarm

To choose your home alarm, first determine the use you want to make. To do this, start by thinking about the following criteria:

  • Where are you going to install the alarm? If you live in an apartment, it is often forbidden by the co-ownership regulations to install an alarm with an outdoor siren. If you live in a house, the outdoor siren will be very useful to alert neighbors of a burglary.
  • Standards for alarms: It is strongly recommended to choose an alarm respecting the NF A2P standard. This guarantees great strength and excellent efficiency. Some home insurance companies may make an alarm mandatory with a NF A2P standard for the assumption of the "Flight" guarantee of the contract.
  • Remote monitoring: For a subscription, a remote monitoring system can be used to supplement your alarm. A security guard can also move in case of an intrusion.
  • Design: Your home alarm is installed in your home. That's why it may be interesting to choose an alarm that matches your interior.
  • The ease of installation: To install your home alarm, you can choose to call an installer or install it yourself. This last solution can be more economical.

These criteria already give you some ideas for the alarm you choose for your home.

Standalone alarm or complete security system: what to choose?

The choice of your alarm system depends on your needs. To secure a room or a small area, a stand-alone alarm with motion detector or opening detector can suffice. On the other hand, for more precise security needs, it is better to favor a complete remote monitoring system. This includes a central station, motion and opening detectors, but also telephone transmitters and sirens.

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