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Choose your carpet.

Comfortable and warm, the carpet has recently been revived. This insulating and pleasant to the touch coating, offers a barrier against the cold, but also against noise. Contrary to popular belief, the carpet contributes to an improvement of the air quality in the house by retaining the dust suspended in its fibers. Easy to install and maintain, the carpet offers a choice of the most varied.

The appearance of the carpet.

The appearance of the carpet.

The aesthetic advantage of the carpet is ensured by the visual and tactile aspect of it. Velvet carpets, comfortable and soft, consist of shaved loops to obtain a smooth and uniform surface. They are recommended in high-traffic rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms. Curly carpets are made with buckles anchored in the back of the carpet. They provide great strength and limit the punching of the furniture legs. With long hairs and more or less twisted, the shaggy carpet offers an effect of material and aesthetic relief. However, it is not compatible with furniture with wheels. The needled carpet, low thicknesses are financially the most accessible and suitable for high-traffic rooms. Finally, the grass imitation carpet can be installed both outside and inside and offers different sizes and quality of hair.

Reasons and matters.

Reasons and material of carpets

The carpet offers a wide range of colors and materials. Les unis offer a wide range of colors, from the most neutral to the most powerful to brighten up your floors. There are also graphic patterns, multicolored or patterned to best match the decorative style of your home.

Among the materials, the most popular is wool, natural and aesthetic, it is very pleasant to the touch. In addition, it is a good thermal insulator and it keeps for years its soft appearance. The vegetable fibers, robust to use, bring an aesthetic touch to the room. However, they do not withstand humidity except seagrass. Polyamide is the most common synthetic fiber. It has good wear resistance and fits all parts. Finally, propylene is the most economical fiber. It offers good dimensional stability and resists humidity. With a good appearance, it is often mixed for strength and is suitable for low-traffic rooms.

Standards and classification of the carpet.

Like most floor coverings, carpet is affected by the UPEC classification. (Wear, Punching, Water, Chemistry). Here, each letter is accompanied by an index that indicates the level of performance of the coating. In general, in a single-family house, carpets are class U2SP2.

In addition, the fire classification from A to F indicates the flammability of the material: A1FL : produces little or no fuel, A2FL : produces little or no fuel, BFL : combustible product, but whose contribution to ignition is very limited, CFL combustible product, but whose contribution to ignition is limited, DFL : a combustible product whose contribution to the conflagration is significant, EFL : combustible product whose contribution to burning is very important, FFL : combustible product whose contribution to fire is very important. Note that the products EFL and FFL are not allowed in public establishments.

There is also a European standard that classifies carpets according to their VOC emissions (Volatile Organic Compounds), this rating can vary from A + to C +

Finally, the carpets require vacuuming weekly vacuuming, a shampoo every 3 to 6 months, and a thorough cleaning with steam cleaner every year.

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