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Leveling, swimming pool, foundation... earthworks encompass a large number of works. Hence the need to use a specialized company and earthworks specialist when needed. How to choose your earthworks company? Explanation.

Note: not all construction companies offer earthworks services. And an earthmoving company does not necessarily build. For simplicity, in the case of a house construction project, make sure that the company chosen for the construction of your property offers well earthworks services.

Evaluate the performance of an earthworks company

The rates offered by earthworks companies are defined by:

  • the type of service and the work to be done
  • surface and volume to work (in m2 or m3)
  • the necessary tools and the equipment adapted to the ground
  • accessibility and the state of the land
  • evacuation of rubble

To choose the earthworks company suited to your work, it is necessary to compare quotes and services several companies. It is important to compare quotes on the economic aspect and quality of services. Your goal? Choose the earthmoving company that offers the best value for money.

To note: the reference to the tools and equipment used is much more important than it seems. More a company has tools and adapted equipment to the soil and more she will perform quality work.

Quotation: the essential information

Mentions whether or not entered in a quote can also judge the seriousness of an earthworks company. Certain mentions and other indications are obligatory. Their presence on a quote allows you to confirm the professional, serious and qualitative nature of a company. We think in particular of:

  • the estimated date of the beginning of the service
  • all the details relating to the service
  • the price of the service

The more complete and accurate the quote, the better the service will be. The more information you have, the more you are able to compare companies and choose the one suited to your needs.

Finally, word of mouth is a good alternative to find and choose a serious and quality earthmoving company.

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