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The front door is the one you must choose with the utmost care, because it must meet several criteria all essential: it must meet your tastes and be adapted to your style, but it must also be resistant, insulating, and ensure your safety.

Choosing the right door: our advice

Choosing the right door: our advice

Choosing the right material for your front door

To begin, you must choose the material who will compose your front door. This choice should be made according to the style of your accommodation, your tastes, but also your budget and the characteristics of each material:

  • A wooden entrance door: wood is a effective insulation and a strong material that will last a long time, provided you choose a good quality wood. On the other hand, note the wood will require maintenance;
  • An aluminum entry door: aluminum is very robust and is particularly durable over time, however it is the most expensive material;
  • A PVC entry door: PVC resists shocks and weather, and does not require no maintenance. Moreover, its price is reasonable.

Think about the insulation of your front door

You must absolutely think about insulation when choosing your front door. Thus, you must favor a door with double glazing to reinforce both thermal insulation and sound insulation. Also, be aware that some materials are better insulators than others: so, if wood and PVC In principle, these materials are fairly efficient insulating materials, while aluminum leads to cold, which means that you will have to ensure that it has been combined with good quality thermal insulation to improve its performance. Finally, check the tightness of your door, and think in particular to add a seal between the opening part and the dormant part of the door.

Choosing the security system of your front door

Finally, it is essential to deter burglars from entering your home, which means that you must make the choice a secure door. So, start by choosing a compound entryway a lock 3 points at least a 5-point lock for extra security. Similarly, if security is a crucial issue for you, you can make the choice of a biometric recognition lock which includes a fingerprint reading system that is connected to an alarm.

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