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And if, this year at Christmas, you offer objects connected to your loved ones? After all, it's not because Santa Claus always moves in his traditional reindeer sleigh that we must also play the classic ribbon gifts, quite the contrary! Here are three ideas to inspire you. What will you choose?

CCTV: make fun with a panoramic camera

If you want to offer a video surveillance camera combining modernity, design and discretion to one of your loved ones for Christmas, opt for the Camera LED Bulb 1080P HD Wifi CCTV Security Light.

Sold at an average price of 40 euros (excluding promotions), it is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). With a resolution of 1920x1080 (for two million pixels), it has a lighting with three LEDs. In addition, no IP configuration is necessary, a good point.

Another advantage of this camera: it can be used day and night. Finally, it is possible to connect to a smartphone, which is very convenient to monitor his home but also control lights remotely.

Weather station: offer the smartphone controlled Netatmo NWS01-EC

What's more pleasant than living in a house or apartment where the ambient air is not too hot, too cold, too dry, or too humid? But then, how to control the quality of the air? Thanks to a connected weather station!

The Netatmo Station NWS01-EC is the perfect gift for those who wish to live in a healthier home. It allows in particular to control the humidity rate or the CO2 level. Connected to a smartphone, this new generation weather station indicates the quality of the ambient air and sends alerts when the windows need to be opened in order to renew the indoor air, often more polluted than the outside air.

The Netatmo station also allows to know the outside temperature, the atmospheric pressure or the weather. Convenient to know which to wear and which means of transport to choose! Finally, the application allows to visualize various data.

High precision and sleek design, the weather station Netatmo (outdoor module and indoor module) does not take much space and fits with all styles of interiors. It costs on average 160 euros.

Connected watch for children: put the Q730 3G at the foot of the tree

What if you offered a watch to your child (ren) or to your nephew and / or niece? But beware, not just any watch! We are talking here about an intelligent model that is compatible with various phones and that makes it easy to locate the child as quickly as possible.

The Q730 3G has an HD touch screen and only accepts calls / SMS from the listed numbers. It is also equipped with a light sensor, ideal not to lose it. Finally, an alert is given when the child withdraws it. Sold on average 50 euros, it exists in several colors.

And you, this year at Christmas, will you offer gifts connected to your loved ones?