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What to offer to an accomplished gardener or budding farmer? Update on trends and novelties of garden equipment this year.

The garden bag

With the end of the year comes the need to prepare the garden for the cold season, pruning the plants and protecting them from frost. Armed with a cutting-edge pruner or tiller, busy gardeners will appreciate the use of the vegetable waste garden bag, an ideal accessory to accompany the refurbishment of green spaces. Plant waste can be safely transported to a larger container in the state. The garden bag stands out with its discreet aesthetics and proven ergonomics. Convenient to handle and carry with its two grab handles, the garden bag is reusable and folds for optimal storage.

The plant crusher

Suitable for large cuts, especially branches, the crusher reduces waste to the crumbs for easy transport and optimize the place in the trash. Distinguished in its class, the FloraBest FLH 2500/6 can crush branches up to 40 mm in diameter. A real war machine that will delight the owners of woodland gardens.

The tiller

For those who find lawnmowers outmoded, the tiller is the perfect accessory. Imposing, he starts a quarter turn to brush the lawn and plow the land in a jiffy. Easy to handle, it allows to work the surface of a ground for the seeds without getting tired. An indispensable tool for gardeners who wish to fully exploit the potential of their land. Many models compete with each other. For Christmas, be careful not to be wrong: the size and power of the tiller selected must match the surface of the ground and the nature of the soil worked.

The good old tools

Mechanical tools and connected objects have replaced in our gardens the good old wooden tools of yesteryear. Although fallen into disuse for the benefit of more productive tools, the sickle remains the emblematic accessory of the reapers. A beautiful object to handle with care and skill, which will appeal to the apprentice mowers of wheat. Side garden, the digging fork has lost nothing of its superb, quite the opposite. Its robustness makes it invaluable in the small jobs of the earth, as for example the maintenance of the kitchen garden. Finally, small gardeners are not left out, a kit of 4 essential tools will allow them to learn the joys of garden maintenance while having fun.

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