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Discover the trends of the year in tooling, to please the DIYers of all levels.

What are the trends and novelties to offer a handyman everyday, a pool owner or a curious jack-of-all for Christmas? Pick from our selection of gift ideas for the scrumptious do-it-yourselfer, the neophyte patchworker and the curious technicians.

The essentials for a DIY with ease

In terms of tools, some objects are positioned as essential to cope with the small jobs of everyday life. This is the case of the electric screwdriver. Marketed with a full range of accessories, the PWR Work is wireless, a feature that ensures optimal portability and maneuverability. An essential tool for screwing and unscrewing with ease. Another essential everyday, and not least: the toolbox! Marketed in the form of a briefcase, a suitcase or a hybrid object (a stool + a toolbox), it is an essential ally for the proper functioning of the house on a daily basis. It also exists as a workshop maid, for the most demanding users.

Garden tools

In the garden tools category, the motor pump is intended for landowners whose maintenance may require the drainage of a large quantity of water. The NAUTAC PA 90 thermal motor pump is equipped with a 2-stroke 30cm3 motor and a discharge pipe to allow the transfer of a large quantity of liquid. Useful for swimming pool maintenance, the Continental Edison Hand / Brush Vacuum aspirates at a power of 500 W for a capacity of one liter. An essential tool for regular maintenance of outdoor pools. With regard to tools for cultivation and gardening, the HYUNDAI HMTB3F 3-function thermal microbineuse stands out for its portability and efficiency. If it does not replace the spade, its passage can stir the soil to a depth of about ten centimeters, sufficient for planting seedlings.

Guidebooks and rare manuals

Every good handyman has at least once in his life referred to a manual; whether it be a user guide, a handbook of good practices, or a rare book detailing craft knowledge and practices from another century. Apprentices electricians will appreciate to refer to a manual "step by step" grouping the operation of circuits and good practices to adopt to work safely. Especially handymen and wood enthusiasts will be sensitive to the content of a guidebook to learn how to work with wood. The curious technicians will jump on the manuals and encyclopaedias detailing the processes of silvering and gilding on wood, or the techniques of the builders, mechanics and boilermakers at the beginning of the XXth century.

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