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Christmas is a time for creation. If the tradition has its good sides, nothing forbids to give it a facelift by opting, for example, for a personalized Christmas tree. If the triangular shape remains immutable, the material can vary: fabrics, kraft paper, cardboard, branches, balls, lockers... Ideas are not lacking!

A Christmas tree unlike any other

Express your creativity at Christmas

The end of year festivities offer the opportunity to express themselves in many areas: gifts, decoration, table, menus and even the Christmas tree, a true symbol of Christmas.
The French, who bought no less than 5.4 million trees in 2012, are not mistaken and plebiscite the natural 83.5% *.
And this, for many reasons such as its color, its inimitable smell, the joy it gives (to the children who think only to decorate it!)... And the preparations that it generates!
However, nothing prevents you to give a second wind to the traditional Christmas tree...

5 ideas for a DIY Christmas tree

Make a Christmas tree with branches

Natural. Some branches gathered in the forest make it possible to compose a triangular form. The horizontal branches, tied by simple ropes, are practical for hanging decorations (decorative element from € 10, "Winter Bakery" collection, Villeroy & Boch).

Making a Christmas tree in kraft paper

Lightweight. Guaranteed effect with this tree made from superimposed sheets of Kraft paper. Some stars and small motifs complete the decor (example: 10 sheets of Kraft paper, 160 x 100 cm, € 8.50, Castorama).

Make a Christmas tree just with balls

Wall. Let your imagination take over! Like this Christmas tree, made only with Christmas decorations hanging on the wall with a double-sided adhesive (3 € 6 hearts 6 € 5 striped balls, "Snömys" collection, Ikea).

Make a Christmas tree with wooden cubes

Stylized. Two boards are assembled against the wall to form the background of the decoration, in front of which were arranged lockers, animated with decorative objects and candles (20 € set of 3 cubes, "Duraline", Goal).

Making a fabric Christmas tree

Fleece. Three triangles and a square cut out of thick cardboard are covered with a fleece and a cloth stapled on the back of the elements to be superimposed. The set is easy to make with fabric coupons and scraps of fleece.

Revisiting the Christmas symbols

For that, forget the good old Nordmann or the spruce to pass to a personalized model!
It is for example possible to create a tree made of metal, wood, feathers, felt or paper.
Some elements recovered (pallet wood, tree branches, wire...), a little imagination, a light garland, some decorations... and voila!
Moreover, even if you revisit it, nothing forces you to think it in volume. Making a tree to display on the wall is an even easier solution to implement, and very original (as demonstrated by our five variants).

Create your decoration

It's the same with the decorations. Forget the plastic balls and be original! A bit of faux fur, a pair of scissors, and you're ready to create suspensions in the shape of animals for example. A glass ball can be easily enhanced with a decoration (snowflake, character), thanks to a diamond-tipped engraver.
Finally, for your gifts, also handmade, replace the classic packaging with colorful sheets of newspapers and magazines, wallpaper that is perfect, and adopt the raffia or masking tape (Japanese tape) in place and place of the golden ribbon. In short: let your imagination speak and finally give meaning to the expression "Merry Christmas".
* Source: TNS Sofres.

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