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Christmas is a wonderful moment of joy and sharing, but it is also the time of year when the bank account tends to empty dramatically. Gifts, meals, party attire... The costs are piling up, so here are some good ideas for saving money on the decoration of your home.

Christmas: decorate your house for cheap

Christmas: decorate your house for cheap

Cheap little Christmas objects

It's easy to decorate your house for cheap for Christmas! There are ranges of small items at a low price that give a festive air to the whole house without breaking the bank. Unlike the rest of the decor, it is not worth looking for quality, better to provide small ephemeral elements to change every year. We can provide a small investment on candles, garlands lights, glassware to bring gaiety, stickers stickers, figurines of Santa Claus, Christmas trees, Christmas balls...

Make your Christmas decor in a "do it yourself" spirit

Original, economical, and fun, nothing like do it yourself to amaze the guests and spend a unique moment of celebration. For example, take large strips of gift paper and place them on the top of a coffee table or on the sides of the furniture, it immediately dresses a room. Decorate your little objects, such as candlesticks, by painting them, add a little flour or cotton all around the crib to create a Christmas snow atmosphere, decorate your tree in an original way...

La recu ', a must for Christmas

Christmas will not escape, the fashion of the recovery will also pass by there. Here are some tips that give a second life to your objects. For example, you can take baby pots or glass yoghurt pots and paint them for candles. Do not throw away Playmobil® and Lego® from your children: you can build a nursery or one Christmas village. To decorate your house for cheap, you can also use the pine cones recovered in the forest to make pretty balls of fir tree.

Children have talent, let them participate!

A little paper, colored sheets, glue, tape and all that remains is to let the imagination of the children and have a good time of complicity with the family. In addition to the inevitable Santa Claus in paper with a cotton beard, you can also make little angels to hang or put on with tracing paper, snowmen with polystyrene balls, balls with salt dough, an Advent wreath, stars with ice sticks...

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