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Find out how to make Christmas decorations yourself!

There is nothing better to wait before the holidays arrive than to work to bring the house into the spirit of Christmas. And when the decoration is homemade, it's even more enjoyable. The Do It Yourself (DIY), is to create as many things as possible by oneself, with the means of the edge. This technique also has the advantage of being economical and authentic.

A 100% DIY Christmas decoration: your

To help you design a beautiful DIY decor, you will find many Christmas decorations in the trade to design fairy tales for everyone, including Sunday's DIYers.

How to make your own Christmas balls

You will need polystyrene Christmas balls, a ball of yarn that you have previously chosen color, ribbon and tie-balls. All you need is double-sided tape to get started making your beautiful Christmas balls homemade and dazzle your tree.

Make a Christmas wreath that shines brightly

Even if you are an amateur handyman, you will not be fooled by making a Christmas wreath! On the contrary, since it is you who will decorate it so that it shines with all its brightness on your door of entry. So, no risk that Santa Claus will not see you up there. Bring a crown, pine cones, what to assemble everything and - optional - a luminescent garland. To make your crown do not forget to equip yourself:

  • a pair of scissors;
  • a screwdriver;
  • a rule;
  • a roll of self-adhesive paper;
  • colorless varnish;
  • a waxed canvas (so as not to stain your work plan).

All you have to do is make your crown. You will have to start by cutting the knot that will adorn your crown. Be sure to match the cut, to obtain flaps of equal length. Do not hesitate to put varnish on the edge of the sides, to prevent them from falling apart. Place the garland of the garland in the hole of the crown and stow it with adhesive. It is then necessary to order the light diodes all around your crown.

Make sure you have the wires in the same plane as the case. Finally, you will have to screw and secure the fasteners, taking care not to pierce the electrical wires.

All you have to do is turn on the switch and adorn your crown with the fancy pinecones. A last loop of string and you can affix your DIY light crown on your front door.

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