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Do not have a lot of room at home? Enough thorns that invade the ground or you simply want to find an original idea without departing from the tradition of the Christmas tree? The wall Christmas tree is for you!

The wall Christmas tree

The wall Christmas tree

A quick installation!

For those in a hurry or for those who do not feel the artistic fiber, there are in commerce and on internet prefabricated products. Once the fir tree ordered, all you have to do is find a place in your house or apartment.

Some brands offer artificial Christmas trees with flexible branches that attach to the wall. It exists in all sizes, each to adorn the branches according to his desires with the same Christmas decorations for a classic fir. The effect is guaranteed and is close to the traditional Christmas tree, with more space.

We can also look to the wall sticker, very fast, very simple and with a choice of eclectic and original colors. It is reusable from year to year, does not leave a trace, it is washable and can stick everywhere as on the wall, windows, furniture, mirrors...

Wall Christmas tree to manufacture oneself

If you feel an artist's soul then get started in the craft creation of your wall Christmas tree. Let your personality speak: green, sophisticated, original... Choose a space on your wall, white preferably, and make a sketch of your future tree. All you have to do is fill it in...

Nature spirit

Use what nature offers you to create your tree. In the forest, in the mountains, at the sea, in the countryside, you can find branches, driftwood, branches, old planks, pine cones... it will be enough to arrange and fix on your Wall.

Festive spirit

To keep a fairy atmosphere, we can use a bright Christmas wreath that will be zigzagged with hooks to give it a fir-tree shape and around which will be added bright and shimmering decorations, stars, hearts, feathers...

Crazy spirit

The spirit of Christmas is also knowing how to have fun. So why not make a friendly tree with post-it where everyone can leave a message for example or with photos of you and your guests. You can also opt for a kind of patchwork by mixing cardboard, paper, wool or even tape provided that the result is a nice effect!

Video Instruction: DIY Wall Christmas Tree