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Opening a window in the middle of a panel is a simple formality thanks to the guide rail. A real pleasure !

Essay, text and photos: Alain Fuksa


Maker: metabo
Reference: KSE 55 Vario Plus
Power: 1,200 W
Speed: variable, from 2,000 to 5,000 rpm.
Blade: Ø 160mm, 42 teeth
Max cut at 90°: 55mm
Max 45° cut: 40mm
Supplied accessories: Lateral guide, rail and Metabox
Weight: 3.4kg
Price generally found: 475 € with accessories

The principle
Rather than the field of professional equipment, the plunge saw begins cutting wherever you want, even in the middle of a panel. With it, opening a recessed window on a worktop is a breeze. A return spring makes the dive quite soft and raises the machine as soon as you release the pressure on the handle. To take full advantage of the tool, the guide rail is the essential accessory.
Good ergonomics
The main handle, covered with cladding, and the trigger wide enough provide a feeling of comfort when handling. Adjusting the depth of cut is easy to maneuver and the graduations clearly visible. At the front, a cutting indicator (red slat) is used to visualize the edge of the future saw line. A large control makes it possible to raise the protective cover during the dipping sawing.
In use: adjustments and connection...
In this version, the machine is delivered with its parallel guide (well designed) and an aluminum guide rail 1.50m long. It has two stoppers, which can be adjusted at will, and anti-slip strips on the underside. First observation, the sawing depth adjustment must be adjusted with 5mm more to compensate for the thickness of the guide rail. This increase brings the maximum cutting depth to 50mm instead of 55mm. But there is enough left for most work plans. During the attack in full panel, the descent is quite soft and the sole slides well on its rail. On the other hand, the connection to the workshop vacuum does not completely eliminate the projections around.


  • Precision of the cuts
  • Sawing quality
  • Easy grooving

The lessers

  • Price of a pro tool
  • Improved suction system

Our opinion

It is a professional material, difficult to absorb in case of occasional use. But it remains a real pleasure during the embedding cuts and grooving.

Guide rail and lateral guide

Guide rail and lateral guide

The edging parallel to the edge can be done with the guide rail or the lateral guide, both delivered in this version.

Plunge saw

Plunge saw

The built-in window traced, simply lay with the rail and saw while diving in full panel.

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