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Clean the drain filter of a washing machine

Blocking the exhaust filter is one of the most common failures that can happen on a washing machine. You can avoid this by performing regular maintenance of this elementary part of the machine, moreover very accessible. Usually a simple small screwdriver is enough to open the hatch and to access the filter that unscrews by hand. Do not wait for the filter to become clogged: clean it regularly according to the use of the machine.

Practical advice

• There is a drain filter on all washing machines. Its role is to prevent the obstruction of the system of evacuation by various objects, from the fibers and pieces of cloth, to the small objects that one could leave in the pockets. Over the course of use, this filter ends up clogging, clogged with the fibers and impurities inherent in washing laundry. Without waiting for it to be clogged, it is good to clean it periodically.• A number of symptoms announce that the filter is clogging: the machine has trouble draining completely, there is water in the drum at the end of the cycle, it does not run its course and washing stops prematurely, etc. The fact that the drain pump becomes noisier is also a tell-tale sign. In the extreme, the machine does not drain anymore.• To prevent electric shock, stop the machine and disconnect the power supply. If it is built-in, it usually needs to be removed from its home. Locate the access path to the filter housing. refer to the technical manual of the machine. Most hatches open with a small screwdriver, but on some machines you need a special tool for the brand, often delivered with the machine.• If you must intervene because the filter is clogged, there is certainly water in the tank. It must be emptied before attempting to clean the filter. If there is not too much water in the tank, you can do it by unscrewing the filter and placing a container under the hole and a mop. If there is still a lot of water in the tank, it must be scooped or pumped.

Disassembling the washing machine drain filter top

Open the filter access hatch of the washing machine with a screwdriver or a suitable tool

Open the filter access door of the washing machine

1. Stop the machine, unplug it, and pull it out of the slot if it is recessed. Using a screwdriver (or brand-specific tool), open the filter door of the washing machine.

Unscrew the filter from the washing machine by hand. No tools are needed.

Unscrew the filter by hand

2. If the tank is emptied of any residual water, unscrew the filter. There is no need for tools, the filter is simply unscrewed by hand.

Take the opportunity to properly clean the housing and remove waste or small objects that can block the pump

Clean the filter housing

3. Take advantage of the filter being removed to examine the filter housing and check the condition of the pump housing. Make sure the filter propeller is not blocked. Remove accumulated dirt and any object that might block the pump.

Clean the filter of the washing machine with clear water, without any product

Clean the filter of the washing machine

4. Clean the filter with clean water, taking care to remove all dirt. Do not use any cleaning products. Brush the filter, if necessary.

Replace the filter. Tighten it securely to prevent seepage

Replace the filter of the washing machine

5. Replace the filter and tighten it securely. Make sure the gasket is in place and in good condition.

Replace the drain hatch

Replace the drain hatch of the washing machine

6. Close the hatch. It is usually enough to clip it by hand.

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