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I want to clean my car. What brand of product should I use, knowing that the edge of my roof is an aluminum pavement?

The question does not specify whether this isslate, from terracotta tiles, from concrete tiles, if the roof is a victim of pollution, moss, etc.
In most cases, theapplication of an antifoam without rinsing, which is then allowed to act with time, gives satisfaction.
Major brands offer products that have proven their effectiveness, whether it is Algimouss, Dip, Sika, Axton... Consult the product leaflet to see if it is not incompatible with aluminum.
This type of product can be applied to the sprayer, remembering that a roof is a place of risk. It is best to use a sprayer with a long telescopic lance from a ladder placed in the facade, rather than climbing on the roof. Caution: Never use bleach if any elements of your roof are aluminum: bleach would attack these elements.

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