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A roof has many enemies, the water that flows in the rain, frost and moss that settle there. Can also be added the damage caused by pollution like black marks. To clear a roof of mosses and lichens, a cleaning jet is required.

Clean a low pressure jet roof

Clean a low pressure jet roof

Under what conditions can a low-pressure jet be used?

If the mosses and lichens are not too numerous on your roof and do not tend to develop because you live in a dry climate, cleaning with low pressure spray may suffice.

This is a V-shaped jet that has a pressure of 80 bars. The jet should always be directed downwards to prevent water from getting under the tiles. It has the advantage of being soft enough, not to damage the surface of tiles or slates that with a stronger jet may crack. Obviously everything depends on the state of your roof and its degree of wear.

For sloping roofs and multi-storey houses, it is recommended to go through a professional who knows all the security measures on the one hand and who can also advise you on how to prolong the good condition of your roof.
To note. If you do a simple defoaming with the low pressure jet, this operation must be repeated every year.

The low pressure jet followed by a specific treatment.

Once cleared of mosses and lichens, you can apply or apply a water-repellent product, for example, to guarantee its tightness. This is not the only possibility, there are many treatments, against rust or frost in particular and proliferation of lichens.
Given the richness and complexity of the offer, it is recommended to call on a professional who can advise you case by case, taking into account all the bills of wear: climate, degree of exposure to pollution...

Another argument and not the least, for the intervention of a professional who proceeds to the cleaning and the application of a treatment, you benefit from a rate of VAT at 6%. You should know that the treatment products are expensive, if you get them as an individual. Parameters which it is better to take into account before deciding.

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