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I have a roof made of mechanical tiles and the tiles crumble. What should I do to protect them? At the living room, I saw a company working on roofs. To clean with the karcher and to pass a water repellent of masonry, is this the solution? Otherwise, what to do?

You do not specify if these are concrete or clay tiles or the age of your cover. If they crumble cleaning with high pressure cleaner may degrade them even more and cause loss of sealing around chimneys or roof windows. This type of cleaning is never recommended and yet it is still too often practiced.

If your tiles are still under warranty (usually 30 years old), call your roofer to see the damage and activate the warranty process.

If this is not the case and only a few tiles are slightly crumbled must proceed to a thorough cleaning of the roof.

Once the roof is cleaned, make a careful inspection of the tiles and change or have the tiles changed or broken. Then, apply a waterproofing from Dip'Etanch, which will prevent water from entering the support. A painting can be applied on degraded tiles.

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