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In our old house the bathroom only has ventilation as a grid at ground level. The bathroom has no window. This grid gives on our corridor of entrance which begins to take the humidity as well as the ceiling of the bathroom (moldy on the tapestries, saltpeter, skirting boards). We would like to provide ceiling ventilation but which model to choose and especially where to pass the duct because we have attic arranged above and the front wall is very thick. We were advised to install a high ventilation grille that would look out on the dining room but would not that give moisture in this room too?

The only real solution to your problem would be a drilling of the facade with suitable equipment not only to make a conduit but also to place an extractor.

I strongly advise you to evacuate moisture in the dining room! Perhaps you can pass a small sheath (10 cm in diameter) in the rooms of your attic, which you hide under a formwork, to achieve the necessary high ventilation?

If none of this is possible, purchase a powerful electric dehumidifier that you place in the bathroom.

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