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Clean the wash arms of a dishwasher

Periodic cleaning of the spray arms (also called "cycling" or "reel" arms) of a dishwasher allows for better watering the dishes during washing. This cleaning also makes it possible to rotate the cycling arms more freely. It also contributes to the smooth running of the water circuit and thus to use less dishwashing and consume less electricity.

Necessary material

  • A pointed object is sufficient to carry out this operation

With the appliance turned off and empty of dishes, open the dishwasher.

Open the dishwasher

1. With the machine turned off, open the dishwasher to access the baskets. Empty them of all dishes.

The lower spray arm is located under the bottom basket. We must pull this one and extract it.

Take out the lower basket

2. The lower spray arm is located under the bottom basket. It is connected to a water supply duct. Pull this basket completely towards you and remove it from the bowl to reach the arm easily.

The lower spray arm is simply clipped on its base. It must be unclipped to extract it.

Unclip the lower arm

3. Rotate the lower arm in either direction and unclip it from its base. Pull it up to extract it from its axis.

Unscrew the large notched nut that holds the upper sprinkler to remove it.

Remove the upper arm

4. The upper spray arm is fixed under the top basket. It is not necessary to leave this one.
The arm is secured to a tube, also fixed under the basket, which fits on the water supply when the basket is pushed thoroughly.
Unscrew the big neck nut that holds the upper arm, and remove it. Put it aside so you do not lose it.

pass the dishwasher's washing arm under a faucet

Run the water in the spray arms

5. Place the spray arms under the water tap to fill them. Open the tap gradually. Water must flow through all sprinkler nozzles. If this is not the case, it is because a certain number of them are blocked, either by food residues (grains of rice, for example) or by limestone.

unclog the nozzles and rub with toothbrush and hot vinegar

Unclog the spray nozzles

6. Use a sharp object to clean the nozzles, being careful not to enlarge or deform them.
A punch or even a simple toothpick will usually suffice to unclog the spray nozzles.
It may be useful to brush them with an old toothbrush to extract the limestone after pouring over the burning white vinegar to dissolve the limestone.

Reassemble the spray arms of the washing machine

Reassemble the spray arms

7. Reconnect the lower arm to its support, then replace the upper arm and tighten the connection nut properly. Make sure they turn freely on their axis. Take particular care to tighten the nut of the upper arm.

Replace the dishwasher basket

Replace the lower basket

8. Replace the lower basket, making sure to engage it correctly on the rails that guide the casters. Push the upper basket back all the way, checking that the spray arms rotate easily...

close the dishwasher door and test

Close and test the dishwasher

9. Close the dishwasher. The cycling arms are cleaned. Test the correct operation of the device.

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