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Cleaner for traces and laitances of cement

In order to eliminate traces, laitances and efflorescences of cement on pavements and tiles, a cleaner has been developed for cleaning traces and cement laitances. It adapts to tessellations and tiles such as bricks, natural or reconstituted stones, interlocking pavers. It can also clean stones and slabs after sawing. The product is a ready-to-use product that is applied to the substrate and requires rinsing after a given action time.

Necessary material

  • Cleanser and traces of cement
  • Spray or brush
  • Nylon brush
  • Jet
  • Gloves
  • Protective glasses

Cleaner for traces and laitances of cement: cement

1. Protect well surfaces that do not have to be cleaned such as paints, marbles, comblanchiens, limestones, glass, metals and surrounding vegetation. This product, which is based on sulfamic acid in aqueous solution, does not contain hydrochloric acid.

Cleaner for traces and laitances of cement: cement

2. Apply the pure product on dry soil, with a spray or brush. The reaction is rapid and is characterized by a slight effervescence that does not alter the material since only the cement and the efflorescence are attacked. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes.

Cleaner for traces and laitances of cement: traces

3. Once this time has elapsed, brush and then rinse thoroughly with water. A second application may be necessary in case of thick cement traces and / or persistent blooms. Wait until the floor has dried and always finish with a rinse. The application of a waterproofing protection can then be considered.

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