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Traces, scratches, even cracks, the glazing of the veranda must receive regular maintenance to avoid any risk of deterioration, whether it is glass or polycarbonate. Presentation of the different behaviors to adopt to properly clean the glazing of his veranda.

How to clean the glazing of his veranda?

Whether the glazing of the veranda is made of glass or polycarbonate material, this one can be washed with warm water mixed with dishwashing liquid, using a sponge.

After cleaning the surfaces, both inside and outside, and including the joints, the assembly must then be rinsed, then wiped with a cloth or squeegee. This last step is indeed essential to avoid drips and traces.

Also, it is quite possible to use windshield washer, or even special microfiber cloths which exempt from the use of a specific product and the wiping step.

However, it is necessary to ban detergents, sponges with an abrasive side which can cause scratches to the glazing, and karcher-type materials that can cause greater damage.

Finally, some professionals offer glazing with a special glass that will require cleaning according to the supplier's recommendations.

When to clean the glazing of his veranda?

The porch glazing should be maintained on a regular basis, usually between two and four times a year.

However, this frequency can be assessed upwards for dwellings located on the coastlines, or near important industrial areas for example.

Lastly, maintenance may be more uncertain if the veranda is made of self-cleaning glass, requiring less frequent cleaning.

What other behaviors to adopt for the maintenance of the glazing of his veranda?

If the cleaning of the glazing is thus essential to preserve the quality, other behaviors also allow not to damage it.

Firstly, it is advisable to handle the glazing gently when opening and closing, and to keep nothing on it, such as a ladder to access the roof for example.

Then some products should be used with care. Indoors, it is insecticides in particular. Outside, this concerns all the work that can be done, such as gardening with the use of fertilizers and fungicides, but also those of painting. These different products can leave marks in-washable in case of projections.

Finally, materials like steam cleaners must be prohibited for the maintenance of the glazing, as well as for the other elements of the veranda, at the risk of destroying the glass.

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