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I had renovated (kärcher cleaning, antifoam product, water-repellent paint) my roof equipped with tiles Redland (1981) 230 m2As soon as the rain starts, there is water infiltration and the water spreads under the tile and depending on the intensity and duration of the rain the water flows on the roof. We went back to the company that brought in its insurance with an expertise that we never had the conclusions, since the company just asked us to pay the bill, we took a lawyer and we must we make a report bailiff in rainy weather, it has not been raining for several weeks, is what a bailiff report with impounding the roof artificially (turf sprinkler) could be challenged by the opposing party before the tribunal? Do you have other solutions for this problem?

As you may know, I'm never in favor of a cleaning or rinsing with high pressure cleaner: this shifts tiles, and sometimes makes them lose their seal. When it comes to concrete tile, it "deconstructs" them and makes them porous (the concrete being not porous gasoline). This operation is also likely to take off mortar flashings, like the one around the chimney stack.

Rather than a bailiff's report (which by definition will be limited to "ascertain"), I think you should make an expertise It is likely that an artificial watering can be validated, because you see poorly summon an expert only in rainy weather...

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