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Who has not dreamed of escaping the chore of the household? One solution exists: the employment of a housekeeper at home. For this, different possibilities are available to you. Rules are of course to be respected regarding the tasks that you can entrust to this person as well as his conditions of employment.

A housekeeper at home

A housekeeper at home

How to employ a housekeeper?

First of all, you have to be aware that from the moment you hire someone to do your housework, you become " particular employer ". You therefore have obligations to fulfill in the eyes of the law. This profession is governed by a collective agreement to which reference must be made.

As a first step, you must make your declaration as an employer with the URSSAF. It is also advisable to affiliate your employee with the social security. A contract of employment between you and the housekeeper must be established, to protect both parties. This contract must include all the terms relating to the job held:

  • the nature of the tasks performed
  • the duration of the contract
  • salary arrangements
  • the number of hours per month
  • the holidays…

A trial period is strongly recommended to allow both the employee and the employer to assess the validity of the contract. According to the collective agreement, the paid holidays of your employee are also foreseen. In the event that this contract is only written after the end of the trial period, a letter of employment must necessarily have been made from the first day of work. At the end of the employment contract, for whatever reason, a work certificate must be given to the household worker.

What tasks should be assigned to a maintenance worker?

The work to be done by your housekeeper (or housekeeper) is defined when drafting the employment contract. She will be in charge in most cases, of the current household of the living rooms of your house:

  • dusting furniture and trinkets
  • floor cleaning
  • window cleaning...

Window maintenance must be done at man's height. Your cleaning lady must not use a stepladder or other object of this type in the course of her work, for obvious security reasons. On the other hand, having him clean the cellar or attic is not legally allowed. In the case where you have agreed in the contract of employment, your cleaning lady can also take charge of the ironing of the linen, or even occasionally the preparation of the meals.

You get rid of the constraint of the household, provided you do things in the rules. You also have the possibility to call on a service provider specialized in this field. Thus, it will not be your responsibility to manage the administrative part (contract, payslip, declaration...) This is also the best solution when you do not want to hire a person permanently but you just need a occasional housekeeper.

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