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Having a swimming pool is good, but it is still necessary to ensure a serious and regular maintenance. It goes with the safety of bathers, of course, but also the life of your pool. You must therefore be provided with a certain number of equipments allowing you to maintain your pond well.

Cleaning the walls and the bottom of the pool

Cleaning the walls and the bottom of the pool

Cleaning the pool after winter

During the winter, your pool was at rest. From the cold weather, it's time to put it back into service. The first step is to remove the tarpaulin that was protecting it. Then comes the time of the great cleaning. If the pool filters have remained active during the winter, work will be less. On the contrary, if your pond has undergone a passive wintering (without maintenance), restarting will be a little more difficult. Let's move on to the concrete step of cleaning the walls and the bottom of the pool.

Accessories for cleaning a swimming pool

To clean your pool, you will need a number of accessories to choose from:

  • The broom
  • The brush
  • The sponge
  • The dip
  • The swimming pool vacuum
  • The pool robot

Depending on your budget you can choose more sophisticated or sophisticated accessories that will make your job easier.

How to clean the pool?

With the help of broom and brush scrub the walls and bottom of your pool carefully. This cleaning is intended to eliminate the seaweeds and other dirt present. Using your vacuum cleaner or your pool robot if you have one, do a thorough cleaning. Do not forget the cleaning the water line which is paramount. Then put back the equipment removed during the winter: skimmer basket, PH regulator, heating system...

Then do not forget the cleaning around the basin. Rub carefully to remove accumulated dirt during the winter. The use of a anti-foaming product may be necessary. This is to limit the risk of contamination of your pond.

Maintenance of a swimming pool during the period of use

To assure safety and comfort during swimmingthe cleaning of the walls and the bottom of the swimming pool on a daily basis is necessary. Each day, using a dip net, remove any leaves and other plants that have been deposited on the water. The good quality of the water will be ensured, most often by the addition of chlorine in the basin that contributes to the disinfection of the basin. Also remember to regularly clean the filter of your pool to ensure its proper operation. If necessary, you can also use anti-algae products.

By following all these tips, you can fully enjoy the joys of swimming. Keep in mind that regular maintenance is primarily about ensuring the safety of bathers, avoiding some inconvenience due to poor water quality. And of course, do not forget to secure your pool if you have children!

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