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Your roof is covered with moss, lichen, mildew... It is then time to clean the roof because this situation can cause problems of leaks, floods or cracks on the interior and exterior walls. There are different products suitable for cleaning roofs...

Roof cleaning products

Roof cleaning products

Roof covering maintenance

Each roof is different and it is advisable to choose the products taking into account the specificities of the materials. Terracotta tiles will not be treated in the same way as slate or zinc sheets. Some products are too aggressive and maydamage the roof (make porous tiles for example).

The use of high pressure jet is also to be used with moderation because too much pressure can lift the tiles or materials. Brush cleaning is preferable. Also remember to clog the gutters to prevent them from foaming with moss and other dirt, a detail (which is not one of them for that matter!) Too often neglected.

Precaution and safety of use of products

Roof cleaning products contain chemicals (resin, silicone, ammonium, etc.). The rules of use relating to health, safety and waste disposal must therefore be respected:

  • carry a combination, gloves and goggles
  • avoid any contact of the product with the environment or people
  • if there is a water recuperator, do not use rainwater for watering

In general, it is recommended to use a professional for maintenance of the roof.

Roof cleaning products

  • Anti-foam action

The presence of mosses, algae, lichens and microorganisms must be eliminated by the application of an antifoam, fungicide, algaecide and bactericide. This treatment is sprayed directly on the roof off rainy period or strong heat. These products, used in preventive or curative action, destroy plants and additives delay the reappearance of microorganisms.

  • Waterproof or anti-humidity products

Water-repellent products help to fight against moisture problems and water infiltration. This liquid solution is applied by spraying or brushing in several layers. Be careful, some materials are fragile and do not support this too aggressive treatment, so it is advisable to seek the advice of an expert.
Some manufacturer brands offer 2-in-1 products that treat "green" and moisture.

  • Copper: an effective weapon

This solution, which consists of laying copper wires flush with the tiles, is not well known. This technique avoids the proliferation of mosses and lichens through the oxidation of copper under the effect of water. But this process is not applicable on all roofs (especially zinc for example), and always there is the opinion and know-how of a professional.

Anti-foaming, water-repellent or waterproofing products offer many advantages:

  • roof protection
  • avoid porosity (tightness)
  • brings an aesthetic side because there are colorful versions

Price side *?

For an anti-foam product, it takes about 25 euros for 6 liters and the yield is 5 m² / liter. Specialty stores offer packages of 2 to 20 liters and yields ranging from 5 to 10 m² per liter.
For a water repellent product, the price is more expensive up to 75 euros the 5 liter can for a yield: 5 m² per liter.

* These prices are mentioned for information only

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