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I plan to clean my old fibro-cement roof with: - or a booster, (disadvantage, it seems to me, with the reserve buffer of 20 liters? Can we completely empty the buffer reserve without damaging the booster?) -is a surface pump, (without buffer reserve, can we get a roughly constant pressure of 2 bars?). In both hypotheses, if they are possible, what material do you advise me to buy?

Since fibrocement is not a particularly fragile material, you can clean it with a high-pressure cleaner, without using a nozzle that is too strong to avoid "dropping" the material, which could make it porous. Do not use this method if the fiber cement disintegrates, because if the material contains asbestos it poses a real problem of diffusion of this very dangerous material. This being the case, there are (biodegradable) products that work without the need to apply pressure, simply by natural rinsing with rain or with a jet. Alles visiting Rubson, Algimouss or Dyrup.

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