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When the garden space has been neglected for a certain period of time, brushing becomes indispensable. This is an essential step before considering any crop and planting. Brushing is not only done for aesthetic purposes but it also ensures the safety of the neighborhood.

Brush a garden

Brush a garden

Brush clearing: where and when?

Brushing a garden helps clean the outdoor area by removing weeds and dead wood. Brushing also reduces the risk of fire, and it is evena legal obligation. Under Article L. 322-3 of the Forest Code, this operation is mandatory (and reinforced in some sensitive areas) for all land that is within 200 meters of natural areas such as woods, scrubland, forest, heathland, reforestation or near housing. To learn more, it is necessary to glean information from the town hall.

It is advisable to clear the garden area throughout the year. But the municipality determines a deadline for compulsory brushing: generally before June 30, before the hot weather.

How to brush a garden?

Brushing is the removal of bulky, flammable vegetation such as bushes, dead leaves, dead wood, weeds and some branches. It is a much longer and more complex operation than simply weeding a garden.

First you must take care of the plants that litter the ground and remove the dead wood. If trees are present, they must be pruned. It is then necessary to take care of the roof and to rid it of the possible branches and leaves which clutter the gutters and which could cause leaks of water.

For these different operations, specific tools are useful: a sickle, a billhook, a branch saw, a chainsaw, pruner or a brush cutter. Before using this equipment, it is essential to protect yourself by wearing gloves, glasses but also protective shoes. The green waste which result from the clearing can be thrown to the dump or better, be transformed in compost.

In the case where the vegetation is so dense that the clearing promises to be tedious or when the land is difficult to access, it is recommended to use a company clearing and pruning that has the necessary equipment to lead this mission. The chosen company must have taken out professional liability insurance because the brushing operations are sometimes dangerous (use chainsaw, ladder...) and the individual must be released from all liability in the event of an accident.

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