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Fit a cellular concrete partition

Lightweight, handy and strong, cellular concrete, more commonly known as "Siporex", is an efficient and fast building material.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

Tiles of cellular concrete.
Special glue for cellular concrete.
A resilient strip of cork or filling plaster.
A smoothing coating.
A plumb line.
A chalk line.
A pencil.
A tape measure.
A spirit level.
A rubber mallet.
A handsaw special cell concrete.
A trough.
A trowel.
A knife to coat.

Step 1: Prepare the space: the layouts.

Locate the location of your partition on the floor and ceiling with aligned marks (use the chalk to check the alignment).
Then put your marks on the wall and check their alignment with the chalk and the spirit level.
Connect with a ruler and a square your landmarks by making the first trace.
The second ground pattern should be spaced from the first by a distance equal to the thickness of the partition and parallel, and so will the second floor and ceiling plots.
To make the wall layouts, connect them well in line with those of the floor by controlling them with the spirit level.

For ceiling lines, place the bottom of the ruler vertically against the wall at the ground and wall mark. Then place the level against the ruler and tilt it until it is perfectly vertical. Then make a square with the square on the ceiling, in line with the ruler.

Step 2: the cuts.

Do a blank pose to get an idea of ​​the size of the tiles to be cut.
For the last tiles in each row, plan a cut that corresponds to the size remaining between the penultimate tile and the wall.
With a square and a pencil, mark the outline of your cut on the tile.
Then make the cut, making sure to follow the pattern with a special hand saw cellular concrete.

Step 3: Set up the first row.

Start by troweling a layer of glue between the lines drawn previously on the ground.
Then stick one side of the first tile and stick it against the wall. Remove excess glue immediately. Level the tile with a rubber mallet and check it with the spirit level.
Then move on to the next blocks which you stick each time one side before putting it in place.

Fit a cellular concrete partition: cellular

Step 4: Set up the second row.

Cut the first tile in half with your saw to offset the vertical joints of your partition, then cut the other tiles with the same method as for the first row.

Step 5: the other rows.

Proceed in the same way as for the second row. Do not forget to regularly check that everything is straight and remove the excess glue with a knife.

Step 6: The last row.

Cut the remaining dimension plates and bevel leaving two cm of flapping between the plates and the ceiling.
Install this row while tilting the plates. For joints, make sure that they do not fall into alignment with the frame.

Step 7: The finishes.

Seal the remaining space between the wall and the ceiling with resilient cork tape then fill the joint with a layer and glue. Without forgetting to remove the surplus.
Apply a smoothing compound (unless you want to tile your partition).
You can then paint or tile the partition at your convenience.

Fit a cellular concrete partition: concrete

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