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I would like to remove the bidet in the bathroom, and thus cut the two water supply pipes (copper 12mm). Is it possible to seal them seamless ???

Several solutions are available to you, but the simplest is to resort to a mechanical connection or "American" connection, ordinarily for replace a welded connectionbut that you use to put a screw cap.

The bicone connector is the best solution. As its name suggests, it consists of a biconical washer and a tightening nut that it is enough to put in place on the pipe, then it is necessary to place the connection on the tube until the stop and then to tighten with two keys. The flu fitting is even simpler, consisting of a rubber seal, a toothed washer (which is fixed in the tube when tightening) and a nut.

Whatever type of fitting you choose, all you have to do is attach a screw cap.

You can consult our DIY tip dedicated to bicone fittings.

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