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I would like to change my front door which has a half moon on top and put in place a standard entrance door. How to condemn the half-moon of this door knowing that I want to pass there an aerator. Can you tell me also which insulation to take and which materials used

In the absence of information on the constitution of the structural work, it seems logical to use the materials already selected for the construction of the house, for example breeze blocks and doubling glued based on shepherd's plate and expanded polystyrene. It is also necessary to recreate a lintel: cast-in-place reinforced concrete, prefabricated lintel, metal section... so that the new entrance door does not bear the weight of the added masonry.
If you do not want to do this extra hard construction, you can also put a wooden cross and fill the gap with a sandwich panel. However, be careful with the safety, if the space between the crossbar and the masonry allows the passage of a man... or a child.

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