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Plastic fence

Plastic (in this case, P.V.C.) has the advantage of weather resistance, to be unalterable and rot-proof. The production of this extremely rigid material prompted some manufacturers to use it for the production of fence elements. There is now a whole range of models, intended more specifically to limit the gardens of individual houses. Their resistance is not sufficient to use them in fences of spaces reserved for cattle.

Necessary material

  • Flat key
  • Cordeau
  • Bubble level
  • PVC glue

Plastic fence: elements

1. The fence is made of smooth square section, joining two poles, and vertical elements with high relief. These elements are in two parts, which come together by screwing.

Plastic fence: fence

2. The connection between slats and vertical elements is made by means of bolts. Passing through the smooth, they come to take in a thread located inside the vertical element. The inner part of it is thus taken "sandwiched with the smooth.

Plastic fence: plastic

3. A simple open-end wrench, of a suitable size, is sufficient for assembly. Caution: Do not tighten too hard to avoid splitting the plastic.

Plastic fence: plastic

4. After spreading a line, dig the holes for the posts. Block these one by one, controlling their verticality with a bubble level or a plumb line. Shrink the posts so that they maintain a correct position. Then mount the other fence panel. Do the same for the next post.

Plastic fence: plastic

5. The posts of the fence are hollow. A hat comes close to their upper end. Just use a special glue for the P.V.C., like the one used for mounting gutters made with this plastic. For the fence to have a better rigidity, it is possible to fill the concrete post. Do not go past the second rail so that the post is dilated.

Plastic fence: fence

6. All fence posts must be sealed to sound. This type of fence is very often proposed with a gate or gate of the same nature. If you want to associate it with the fence, assemble it before mounting the other elements. Mount it flat on the floor. Stake the posts by guying them. Mount the gate on the hinges, then seal the posts. Do not operate the gate until the concrete has completely dried.

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