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Sanitary hot water circulation (or DHW circulation) is a device that allows you to take advantage of hot water immediately and without any delay, even when the production point is located far enough from the taps. This system is often found in collective groups (hospitals, retirement homes, hotels, etc.). Point on this system still poorly known...

The circulation of domestic hot water

The circulation of domestic hot water

The principle of looping hot water

The purpose of the hot water loop is to provide maximum comfort in a home. Thanks to this element, the water gets hot always instantly at the tapswhether in the shower, at the washbasin of the bathroom or at the sink of the kitchen. Users just have to wait a few seconds before the water temperature rises. This is valid even when the hot water source is installed rather far (several meters from the pipes). With a circulation pump or circulator, the immediate production of hot water is guaranteed. The operation of this element inevitably implies a decrease in energy consumption and a saving of water.

The installation of a DHW must comply with the standards in force, and only a certified plumber has the skills and know-how to carry out this work.

Why set up an ECS loop?

Whenever a hot water tap is closed, the pipe connected to it will temporarily contain hot water. But of course, this stagnant water will gradually cool down. At this stage, we notice a loss of energy and water. When the tap is turned on, the chilled water is wasted because you have to wait a while for the water to heat up again. This cycle is repeated each time the valve is opened and it is important to emphasize that the extent of the loss depends on the distance between the hot water source and the faucet.

To avoid these different losses, which are both at the water level and at the energy level, a circulator is set up. Its role is to return water cooling to the hot water source. It is possible to suspend this pump in case of prolonged use of hot water (at night for example or during a prolonged absence).

Advantages of hot water circulation

We mainly remember the economy in terms of energy consumption and the level of water flow. At the same time, looping saves time in daily consumption.

In the case where the implementation of an ECS loopback is not possible, there are other possible alternatives, in particular the installation ofa self-regulating heating tape which keeps the water at a good temperature.

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