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Co-ownership or not, facade renovation works are mandatory, and imposed in some municipalities every ten years. From the vote in general meeting to the financing, return on the conditions of realization of this type of work in the condominiums.

Co-ownership: facade remodeling

Co-ownership: facade remodeling

Why proceed to the facelift of a building?

Façade remodeling is mandatory, whether it is a building owned by a co-owner or not, according to the Code de l'urbanisme et l'habitation. There is indeed an obligation to keep the facades of buildings clean.
However, there is no obligation regarding the pace of maintenance. In other words, it is the whole of the co-owners who can make the choice to proceed to the facade remodeling of their building when they wish it, or, if necessary, it is the mayor of the municipality which can ask the condominium union, and in injunction, the renovation of the facade of a building (the work must, in this case, be carried out within three months after the injunction).

How is the decision taken in co-ownership?

The decision to proceed with the facade renovation works must be voted by a majority at a general meeting (even when the work is requested by the municipality of the municipality).
In case the majority is not reached, there are two solutions:

  • the votes reach a third of the votes: a second immediate vote is possible for which the decision can be taken by majority
  • the votes do not reach one third of the votes: a second vote can be organized at a special general meeting to be held within three months of the first general meeting

How are the works financed?

The works are financed by all the co-owners:

  • up to their shares in the co-ownership for the common parts
  • and the total amount of work in the private parts if they have (shutters, railings and window for example)

The amount of work is included in the general common expenses. Unfortunately, façade renovation work is among the most expensive in the condominium. They thus generally increase the building's expenses for a few years. This is why it is possible to subscribe to an individual group loan. That is to say, the co-owners subscribe individually to the same loan, proposed by the same bank, and managed in its entirety by the syndicate of co-ownership. The other financing solution is to use funds or grants.

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