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The coaching decoration, it is above all the art to accompany you in the transformation of your interior, towards a decoration which corresponds to your tastes and your personality. The coach deco is not here to realize your project, but to guide you in your choices. The deco coaching in detail in this article.

The deco coaching, what is it?

The deco coaching, what is it?

What is deco coaching?

Decoration coaching: personalized support, by a professional, towards your new interior decoration.

Applying a coach decoration is the assurance of not making mistakes while respecting your tastes. It is also a way to avoid falling into the cliché, obviously influenced by the decorating magazines. Because the most important thing is to create a space of your own, even if it does not correspond to current trends.

If you like different styles, the coach will help you decide. Conversely, if you are sure of your tastes, the deco coaching will bring you the necessary rules to a harmonious and well arranged decor.

The deco coach, who is he?

The deco coach accompanies you without getting your hands dirty. So he leaves his decorator costume in order to to give you advice, from his own experience.

This accompaniment begins with a series of questions allowing the professional to better understand your tastes and your personality, before defining your decorative project.

  • What are your lifestyle habits?
  • What are your expectations?
  • Etc.

To note: if you do not want to put in place your interior decor, most of his coaches will be able to realize your project.

Deco coaching, how much does it cost?

The coach's fees deco are not governed by any regulations and are therefore freely determined by professionals.

The hourly rate generally found oscillates between 50 € and 150 €. A very wide price range that often depends on the reputation of the professional. Some coaches offer a payment package, probably more secure since you know in advance the overall cost of the service.

To note: Since no state body regulates the profession of coach decoration, it is strongly recommended to make several quotes from different professionals and check their references.

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