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Coated 4 in 1 Bostik

Ideal for the preparation of the walls before their decoration, this coating makes it possible to reseal, to equalize, to smooth and even to stick in a single operation. It is presented as a tempering powder or ready-to-use dough.

4-in-1 Bostik powder coating

4-in-1 Bostik powder coating

BOSTIK 4-in-1 Interior Coat rebases and smoothes holes, cavities, cracks, crevices, grooves or scratches up to 3 cm deep.
It also allows:

  • glue the drywall directly to the wall;
  • to lay tiles (20 cm x 20 cm maximum, on small surfaces only).

It is suitable for all substrates: plasterboard, gypsum board, mortar, concrete, cellular concrete, cinder block, cement and brick, whether raw or painted (sanding is essential on smooth substrates such as glycerophthalic lacquers).

Preparation of the coating

  • Dilute at a rate of 1 volume of water for 2.5 volumes of powder, or 1kg powder for 470 ml of water.
  • Pour the powder into the water, then let it soak before kneading until a smooth paste without lumps is obtained.

Characteristics of the Bostik 4-in-1 coating

  • Presentation: powder to spoil with water
  • Time of use: approximately 2 hours
  • Sand lightly after complete drying: 12 to 24 h
  • Delay before laying of coating: 12 to 24 h
  • Clean tools with water
  • Storage: 12 months in its original sealed packaging, dry and frost-free
  • Packaging: in 1 kg carton box or in 5 or 15 kg bags
  • Destination: interior

Coated 4 in 1 Bostik paste

Coated 4 in 1 Bostik paste

The 4-in-1 paste coating is particularly suitable for use in wet rooms (kitchens and bathrooms). Like the powder coating, it rebases and evenes holes, cavities, cracks, crevices, bleeds or scratches, but only up to 5 mm deep. It is in the form of a white paste.

  • Ready to use, it guarantees very resistant filling and a perfect finishing smoothing.

Characteristics of Bostik 4-in-1 paste coating

  • Presentation: paste, white
  • Sand lightly after complete drying: 12 to 24 h
  • Delay before laying of coating: 12 to 24 h
  • Clean tools with water
  • Preservation: 18 months in its original closed packaging, dry and frost-free
  • Packaging: in 1.5 kg jar or in 4 kg bucket, or 330 g plastic tube
  • Destination: indoor or outdoor

Coated 4 in 1 Bostik: 4-in-1

Bostik 4-in-1 coating has an environmental labeling of A +, whatever its presentation.

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