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Bostik Thermal Insulation Smoothing Coating

This smoothing coating contains micro-glass beads that give it a thermal insulating character, mitigating the phenomenon of cold wall responsible for the condensation and humidification of bad or non-insulated walls. Presented in paste, it allows, in a single gesture, at the same time to smooth and to participate in the insulation of the interior walls. It is an excellent complement of insulation.

Smoothing coating for insulation

Smoothing coating for insulation

TheTHERMAL INSULATION COATING BOSTIK allows optimal preparation of walls and ceilings while reducing heat loss. It allows to smooth the walls before painting and the installation of coatings (wallpaper, canvas and glass cover, etc.) and to hide small defects (scratches, splinters up to 2 mm deep).
It can be applied to almost all substrates: plaster, gypsum plasterboard, mortar, concrete, cellular concrete, breeze block, cement and brick.All substrates raw or painted (sanding is necessary on very smooth substrates, such as glycerophthalic lacquers). ).
The application is made with a coating knife or a honeycomb roll.

Bostik Thermal Insulation Smoothing Coating: insulation

Bostik Thermal Insulation Smoothing Coating benefits from A + environmental labeling.

Characteristics of the thermal insulation smoothing coating

  • Presentation: white dough
  • Interval time between 2 layers: 2 to 6 h
  • Sand lightly after complete drying: 12 to 24 h
  • Delay before laying of coating: 24 h
  • Storage: 12 months in its original sealed packaging, dry and frost-free
  • Packaging: in plastic bucket of 6.5 or 12.5 l
  • Destination: interior exclusively

Bostik Thermal Insulation Smoothing Coating: coating

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