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The coatings are composed of a binder, a solvent and fillers. The binders used for coatings are usually earth, lime or cement. These binders are dissolved in water. The fillers used can be various: sand, granulate, marble particles or pigments to give a specific shade.


Tray, trowel, trowel, and other finishing tools like the studded trowel.

On which supports:

Concrete blocks, bricks, wood, concrete... The support must be dry and clean.

Uses for the house:

Protect interior or exterior walls. Seal cracks. Smooth the walls.


Raincoats. Drying time quite long, about 12 hours before applying a new coat.

Finishing aspect:

Different possibilities of finishing aspects: speckled, Tyrolean, trowel raised, floated, thrown trowel...


Lime coatings, filling compounds, smoothing coatings, grease coatings. There are ready-to-use coatings (factory coatings) and coatings to be prepared (construction coatings).


Leachable. High mechanical resistance to shocks and humidity.


2 to 3 layers, so relatively long work considering the drying time.

To wash instruments after use:

Warm water before drying the plaster.

Video Instruction: Introduction to Protective Coatings