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The action of time, poor water-tightness, exceptional weather conditions, insects or even construction defects are potential causes for roof collapse. Regular maintenance and renovations will limit this risk. And if the collapse occurs, contact his insurer becomes indispensable.

Collapse of a roof

Collapse of a roof

Maintenance and renovation, avoid the collapse of a roof

Roof maintenance is essential to reduce the risk of collapse.

After a few years of existence, the frame needs to be checked at least once a year and always before winter.

It will be necessary to make sure of the state of the supports of the frame in order to be certain that the wood remains healthy.

A framework that begins to crumble or that has moisture marks, will immediately have to be renovated.

Only a professional, may be able to pose a diagnosis on the damage undergone by the framework and to establish the list of renovations to undertake.

The roof covering too must be regularly maintained. It will thus be able to rid it of the plant and animal blooms that invade it (mosses, lichens, etc.) and which can seriously damage the resistance of the cover.

Age of the roof10 years20 years40 years and over
Renovation / MaintenanceEvery 10 yearsEvery 2 yearsEvery year

Collapse of a roof and insurance for its renovation

In case of collapse of roof, call his insurer as quickly as possible is a necessity.
Depending on the contract and the cause of the collapse, the insurer will be able to cover the costs of relocation and all or part of the renovation costs of the roof. For this, the insurer will mandate an expert to quantify the damage.

In the case of a roof collapse due to Vice building or a defect:

  • It exists a mandatory ten-year guarantee, imposed on all manufacturers.
    It commits them to repair the damage that compromises the strength of a construction and that occur during the 10 years following the work.
  • The ten-year guarantee is closely related to insurance "damage-book", also mandatory.
    It intervenes in case of vice or poor workmanship resulting in the collapse of the frame or the roof of a building. This insurance pre-finances the reimbursement or the execution of the repairs covered by the ten-year guarantee.

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