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For an ecological and responsible garden, consider harvesting your seeds and taking advantage of spontaneous seedlings rather than systematically buying seeds and seedlings. It is, moreover, a harvest to which children will be happy to participate. You can also participate in seed exchanges between gardeners and make beautiful encounters between enthusiasts of the garden...

Harvesting seeds and seedlings

Harvesting seeds and seedlings

How to harvest seeds in the garden?

We have to wait until the seeds are mature and dry. Be careful not to pick them too soon... or too late... Some ripe seeds are easily dispersed by the wind or their protective pods burst as soon as you touch them when they are too dry.

For to harvest beautiful seeds, locate the most beautiful plants and watch the flowering then the ripening of the seeds. For species that are advised to cut flowers after flowering, keep only a few flowers that you will allow to grow in seeds.

It is much easier to harvest large seedss like those of sunflower or hollyhock than the small seeds of violets or poppies. For the latter, place a small container under the plant to collect the seeds.

Always harvest your seeds in dry weather and on plants that are free of dew and moisture. The plant itself must be healthy.

How to keep the seeds after the harvest?

After harvesting seeds, start with to dry them in the shade in a dry and ventilated place. Dispose of capsules, pods and other protective covers. Sort them and eliminate all those that seem to you to be damaged or unhealthy.

When the seeds are dry, to store them until the following year, place them in airtight containers, cool, dry and protected from light.
To store them, place them in envelopes that you will then collect in airtight boxes. Tubes of vitamins, paracetamol or food supplements also make excellent storage of seeds especially if their lid contains an anti-humidity.
Store everything in a cool place. The ideal is a temperature less than 10°.

Think of label your crops. Some seeds are very similar. The name of the plant and the year of harvest of the seeds, you will avoid many surprises the spring income...

How to recover spontaneous seedlings in the garden?

Often nature works for you. So rather than destroying all its spontaneous seedlings, keep the most vigorous ones.
Start by watering the plants you want to recover. Once the soil is wet, you can more easily extract the plant and its roots. Because all the difficulty is there: It is necessary keep the roots and not to hurt them.

Avoid replanting young seedlings directly in the ground. The uprooting will have weakened them and you will gain to go through the step of transplanting. Installed in a special potting soil, watered regularly, they will regain strength and vigor. Only then will they replant in the ground.

Good to know: You can buy, for very cheap on the Internet, small sachets anti-humidity of silica gel. Slip into a few boxes where you keep your seeds. If you do not buy one, remember to keep the ones you find in some of your purchases.

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