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To connect a suspension in the kitchen, the wires coming out of the ceiling are yellow and gray and the suspension wires are red and blue. Which sons should we put together? What are the colors to respect?

Your installation must be old or has been done by a bad handyman...

According to the current standard (NF C 15-100) (2010), the neutral wire must always be blue, the ground wire always yellow, or yellow and green, and the live wire must be red, black or brown or any another color other than that of the neutral and earth wires. Compliance with this color code is mandatory.

Before having your installation redone, test if you have 230 V at the end of the wires coming out of the ceiling with a multimeter; if that's the case you'll just have to make the connection directly on the yellow and gray wires. Turn off the power to make the connection regardless of colors and give it a try. If it works properly, we can think that the gray wire is the phase. Wrap the yellow thread of blue tape so that the next intervention will know which is the neutral wire.

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