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To start the day or finish it smoothly, it is now possible to take musical showers. The radios installed on the edge of the sink are no longer needed, since the shower columns with integrated music have now invaded the market.

Shower columns with integrated music

Shower columns with integrated music

Music shower column with built-in radio and mp3 player

There are now shower column models equipped with built-in radio and MP3 player, a battery and a digital control (or switch) that allows you to operate and select the desired music..

All materials are possible here:

  • the plastic, cheap and easy maintenance
  • aluminum, modern design but to maintain frequently
  • synthetic resin, particularly resistant
  • safe, aesthetic and unbreakable glass
  • the wood, authentic and natural but more expensive

Its price: the musical shower column with integrated radio and MP3 player, costs between 370 and 900 €.

Shower column and musical apple in bluetooth

The showerhead integrates with the shower column, the thus connecting in bluetooth to the smartphone of his user.

  • An accessory that will allow indifferently receive phone calls or to listen to his favorite tunes, while relaxing under a hot shower.
  • The speaker of the shower head musical is equipped with a noise reduction system, for a more comfortable use, even with the sound of flowing water.

To note: the listening module can be detached from the showerhead and used independently of it.

Its price: available between 50 and 360 €.

Opt for a shower column with integrated music

The music is an excellent complement of relaxation to the shower.

It is also considered beneficial to health, just like light. It's the emergence of music therapy, the pendant of light therapy.

To improve his mood, it is therefore recommended to opt for a shower column with integrated music.

  • A musical shower helps reduce anxiety and helps reduce physical and mental pain. In fact, the quality of life is improved.
  • It also lends music the virtues of improving sleep (a skill shared by taking a shower).

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