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I bought two years ago a small apartment, unoccupied for years, without traces of humidity. But the small windowless bathroom turned out to be very wet with use... There was a VMC at the beginning, since blocked by the construction of a house. I have installed a grille on the door and leave ajar permanently, nothing helps. An electrician offered me a VMI (2500 euros min), another a VMC (I quote the quote: "extractor on duct 160 m3 at Atlantic time, pushed up to 10m "), installing an evacuation to the outside, I must confess that I am completely lost... Can you help me?

The extractor (which is not a VMC) is usually a good solution to solve this type of problem. The VMI is very expensive installation to solve a moisture problem in a bathroom. The second solution that you have proposed seems to be learning to install a shaft extractor rather than a real one. VMC. This is not a bad solution if it is not expensive. An additional heater, for example in the form of a towel dryer, can also help to clean this room. You can also install an electric dehumidifier that will solve your problem drastically.

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