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Fight the pests in the garden.

In the garden the return of the sun often goes hand in hand with the arrival of the pests. These unwanted guests quickly take possession of the place and sometimes ravage your plantations in a few days. Do not wait to see your leaves or your fruits completely nibbled and your flower beds damaged before taking preventive or curative treatment! At the slightest trace of insects, birds or pests, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to take action before it's too late!

Fight against insects.

Fight against insects

Some insects are a real scourge for your garden, starting with aphids that feed on the sap of plants and prevent their development. In order to eliminate them, you can use chemical insecticides or biological special aphids. There are also natural and economical alternatives, such as wood ash, nettle manure, repellent plants such as mint, thyme or carnations of india, as well as insects against aphids with, for example, ladybug larvae. or lacewings to introduce in the garden. Other parasites, mealybugs weaken the plants. Thus they must be treated as quickly as possible with chemicals or black soap diluted in water or nettle manure. Finally, you can trap ants by placing strips of glue on the trunks of trees or by putting some coffee grounds at the foot of your plantations.

Gastropods and worms.

Gastropods and to

Slugs, snails and worms are particularly fond of leaves, flowers and young plants. In addition to chemicals, you will find many methods that respect our environment. Thus, by favoring natural predators like birds, frogs and hedgehogs, you will see their population reduce considerably. You can also remove them with ash or sawdust, pine needles or crushed eggshells. It is also possible to trap them by placing a container filled with beer at ground level, where slugs and snails will drown while coming to drink. In addition, regular hoeing will help fight white grubs, cutworms and Colorado potato beetles.

Fight against the birds.

Fight against birds

Birds, great lovers of fruits and flowers, tend to peck in the alleys of vegetable gardens. It is better to move them away. So you can cover your plants with a birdnet or disperse strong pepper. Another method is to lure them away from your crops with a nest box and a feeder filled with seeds or to scare them with a scarecrow or CDs hung in the trees. However, be careful not to totally eliminate the birds from your garden, because they are very useful to fight against worms and other pests, but also because it is important to preserve the diversity of fauna and flora.

Fight against small and large animals.

Fight against small and large animals

Whether domestic or wild, the small and large mammals of the garden are often devastating. They are nevertheless essential in order to maintain a certain balance in our environment. It is better to chase them instead of eliminating them. You will find many repellent products, more or less natural, to spray on your plantations to repel cats, dogs and rodents. Protective nets or ultrasonic barriers will certainly discourage the more adventurous predators.

Finally HandymanDuDimanche strongly discourages the use of toxic products that harm your garden and may poison young children and pets.

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