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Combine electric hot water tank and boiler

Are you planning to combine an electric hot water tank with a boiler? The combination of these two facilities offers a number of advantages.

Define your needs for hot water

Whichever system you choose - electric tank, gas or electric water heater, boiler with or without tank - the system must be able to supply a minimum of 150 liters of water at 50° C quickly and several times a day (for a family of 4). It should be noted that the production of domestic hot water represents a good part of the energy consumption of a home.

To avoid wasting dozens of cubic meters of water, the speed of the arrival of hot water is an essential factor to prevent each user lets the water run for several tens of seconds before reaching the desired temperature: your wallet and the environment will thank you.

An electric hot water tank to save money

A hot water tank and a good insulation of the distribution pipes offer the possibility to override this phenomenon because the stored water reserve (from 50 to 300 liters) is permanently maintained at the chosen temperature using of its internal thermostat. However, an electrical resistance that heats the water constantly consumes electricity.

An interesting solution to overcome this problem lies in the boilers with buffer tank and this regardless of your boiler (gas, wood, fuel). The buffer tank, internal to the boiler, acts as a reserve holding water at 50° C permanently.

These balloons range from 3 to 15 liters according to the manufacturers and bridge the opening of the tap and the hot water produced, leaving time for the burners of the boiler to do their job. This system is particularly useful for washbasin use but may be insufficient for a shower.

That's why another possibility exists: couple your hot water tank with your boiler. The principle is simple: the heated water is sent into the electric tank rather than being immediately injected into the distribution network, giving a boiler with a reserve tank of 100 liters.

Although more expensive to install, this arrangement nevertheless offers advantages:

  • in summer, you can cut your boiler for 3 to 4 months and always have hot water;
  • in case of failure of your boiler, you still have water heated by the balloon and vice versa.

At this plant, you can even add an option CESI (Individual Solar Water Heater) to heat your sanitary water thanks to the sun, which will require the installation of solar panels on your roof or in your garden: a good way to diminish operating costs, especially if your house is sunny and oriented to the southwest. Finally, to help you finance part of your installation, do not forget the tax credits.

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