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Combined with wood


Bi-blocks six functions:
- 1 module degau-planer-mortiser
- 1 module saw-router-sawing and tenoning trolley
Total weight: 350 kg (of which 125 kg for the de-plane block and 200 kg for the saw-router block)
Price TTC in mono or three phase: 6 108 euros
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years

3 engines
- Mono plank cleaner: 2,600 W - 3,5 hp
- three-phase planing cutter: 3 150 W - 4.3 cv
- mono saw: 2,600 W - 3,5 hp
- saw sorting: 3 150 W - 4.3 hp
- mono top: 2,600 W - 3,5 hp
- spinning top sorting: 3 150 W - 4,3 hp

- length of tables: 1400 mm
- diameter of the shaft: 62 mm
- 3 reversible and disposable irons,
mounted on irons
- rotational speed: 6,100 rpm
- maximum pass thickness: 3 mm

- table length: 530 mm
- up and down: on 4 endless threaded rods with trapezoidal pitch, Ø 14 mm
- planing height: 4 to 200 mm
- disengageable advance speed: 7.5 m / min
- maximum pass thickness: 3 mm

- table dimensions: 575 x 1,135 mm, (1,150 x 1,135 mm with optional extension)
- rotation speed: 4,100 rpm
- blade / bore diameter: 250/30 mm
- blade inclination: from 0 to 45°
- high cutting depth: 85 mm at 90°, 55 mm at 45°
- maximum width between blade and guide: 290 mm (890 mm with table extension)


- table dimensions: 575 x 1135 mm (with extension: 1150 x 1135 mm)
- shaft diameter: 30 mm
- inclination of the shaft: 5° towards the rear, 30° towards the front
- effective height of the shaft: 110 mm (stroke 130 mm)
- diameter passage tools: 200 mm in the protector, 154 mm in the table
- Rotational speeds: 4,800/6 400/8 700 rpm
- reversing direction of rotation: on version sorting

- table dimensions: 400 x 200 mm
- three-jaw chuck: Ø 1.5 to 13 mm
- longitudinal stroke: 125 mm
- transverse stroke: 120 mm
- vertical stroke: 90 mm
- rotational speed: 6100 rpm

Sawing and tenoning trolley
- table dimensions: 450 x 500 mm with extended extensions: 880 x 690 mm
- rail length: 1600 mm (optional 2 100 mm)
- front blade cutter: 780 mm (1280 mm with optional long rail)
- cut after blade: 1 150 mm (1 650 mm with long rail)
- extension cutting rule: 1 100 to 2 000 mm
- inclination cutting rule: 45° / 90° / 45°


The modularity which facilitates transportation and passage through 73 cm wide doors.

The layout of the workshop facilitated through better management of space.

The freedom to acquire each module separately according to its needs and budget.

Engines performance.

Power switches on each side of the machine.

Each station controlled by a switch M / A.

Switch from one operation to another without multiple settings and adjustments.

Set irons / iron holders mounted on pre-set screws at the bottom of the shaft of planer blade, which ensures a quick and easy replacement.

Laminating table output only to tilt the chip ejector cover and access the planing function.

Possibility to turn the router guard 180° and increase the inclination of the shaft backwards up to 30°.

Simple settings to perform and good reading on graduated verniers.

Graduations embedded in the router table.

Work tables (planing cutter and saw-router) in alloy aluminum / anodized silicon, therefore stainless.

Folding table extension in a jiffy, to clear the space around the machine when there are no large workpieces.

Mortiser easy and quick to assemble or disassemble.

Increased versatility thanks to many options: various extensions, automatic trainer for series work, motorized mortising bracket to make it independent, etc.

One of most attractive prices of its category.

The lessers

Dimensions of planer dew-boards a little righteous: same for the diameter of the iron shaft.

Maximum thickness of the pass (always in planing) lower by 1 to 2 mm compared to the machines tested in our previous test bench.

Absence of trolley "flush".

The worm system (for raising and lowering the planing table) is now supplanted by the large diameter central shaft, adopted by most manufacturers in this category of machines (and beyond).

There is only one stop button "punch" in front, which is a little thin security side. The other stations are equipped with conventional switches...

If the folded and mechanically welded steel sheet of the frame contributes to its lightness, it can not offer the robustness and stability of the cast iron.

Our opinion

This combined has a certain rusticity that serves it somewhat vis-à-vis the most innovative models of its competitive universe. But developments are underway, which should enable him to regain ground quickly. In any case, it is a question of serious and reliable machine which displays a Very good value for money.

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