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My 70 year old mother has signed a quote for the supply and installation of custom windows and a staircase in the Limousin. The commercial did not come to check the height for the staircase suddenly it is found with a ladder of miller with a lap of 8 cm. As we did not accept this staircase, he dismounted it and left with it. telling us that he was canceling this sale supply and installation. Does he have the right to do that? Does it have performance obligations? thank you for your reply

If the sale (supply and installation) is canceled, it means that your mother has not paid or has been refunded. She is not injured and can call on another professional stairway. On the bottom, everything quote signed by the clientis a contract accepted by both parties, that it engages reciprocally.Has there been a real estimate? deposit or one deposit? If yes, have they been refunded? Has the supplier made any mistakes in its ratings? Did your mother sign a quote for a staircase that clearly appeared as a miller's ladder? In any case, if your mother has not been financially injured, and if the company has clearly disengaged, it is obviously desirable to move to another company. This being the case, if no writing has been exchanged, it is still advisable to send to the company an LR / AR of recognition of the company background.

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