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Our roof consists of faults separated by 1.20 m, covered with chipboard panels on which the tiles are laid. Below the chipboard is laid a thin insulation, then paneling, a space of 3 cm between each element. We were considering removing the chipboard and insulation. The company has done a survey and it turns out that it is not possible to remove the insulation without weakening the paneling that we want to preserve, it proposes to keep the roof in the state and to pose a insulation on chipboard When do you think?

The cover structure you describe is not, in itself, absurd, although I doubt the effectiveness of the thin insulation... The idea of ​​adding a layer of insulation to the outside is not bad. it's like doing a so-called sarking. It will obviously be necessary for this to deposit the tiles and put them back in place as battens.

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